Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. It’s taken me a little while to start this all up, to find which words to use, or know how to say exactly what I want to say, I’m such a perfectionist (is that a bad thing really?)

I first had the idea to start a blog a couple of years ago, when I wasn’t a single mum, it was going to be all about baby fashion but I never ended up starting that because I didn’t think it would take off. There are so many ‘Instagram famous’ fashion mum’s on Insta and I dont really fit into that box. Of course my daughter is beautifully dressed but my photos are far from the perfectly posed, bright lighting & white background, professional camera photos that you see a lot. I just prefer to show the realer side of things. Then I became a single parent and for a little time didn’t really think about doing a blog, I was just trying to deal with the situation and my emotions. To be honest it didn’t take me as long as some people to get over the whole thing but I will do a separate post about that in due course!

A couple of months ago I was in my friends car and she came out with ‘you know what, one thing me and my sister always say – isn’t Emma such a role model to other single mums’ .. I was like ‘are you joking, I’m just a normal mum I go to work and I look after my child and that’s that, I don’t do nothing amazing’ But after that I thought, I am doing something amazing, my daughter is happy, healthy, well dressed, she never misses out on opportunities in life, I work hard to provide for her and treat her, she’s not suffered because her dad isn’t around all of the time (again this is a BIG stigma around single parents I’ve noticed!)

I said to my friend about doing a blog, live videos etc, I hadn’t mentioned it in AGES and to be honest I felt a bit silly! I’m just any normal girl from Essex, I haven’t got thousands of followers, should I go ahead with it? I wondered if my blog would take off. Would people find me interesting, would people relate to me, would I inspire people? I don’t own my own home, I rent a 1 bedroom flat, it’s not ‘Hinched’ to perfection. I don’t have any advice on the perfect bedtime routine and this is so the wrong blog for you if you’re hoping to see that kind of thing .. I’m here to do something different!

I spoke to a few more people and decided now was the time to start, this year I turned 30 and I thought I’m not getting any younger! In life you have to do something you’re passionate about, I think life’s about so much more than what you own. I’ve come to the realisation that happiness is what matters most to me.

I’m proud of all my achievements, big and small. I have less friends than before but I have the right ones around me, I have the right mindset, that’s what matters. That’s what I want to help people to do, to become happy and at peace with the decisions that have brought them to become a single mother.

I’ve been a single mum for nearly 2 years now and I’ve noticed we face so much negativity from society and the media, and sometimes it can really seem like the world is against you. For example, Im so sick of seeing the backlash on single parents for getting help with childcare when they ‘don’t work’ or ‘sit at home doing nothing while all the full time workers are struggling’ – a little bit of truth, its 2018 and a recession, we are ALL struggling.

Then theres the single mums who say they feel like they are alone, they have no one. Why didnt that man love me enough to stay? It’s a question I’ve even asked myself many times. Why wasn’t I enough? Even after everything I did, it still wasn’t enough when it all came down to it. Sometimes you might wonder if you’ve done the right thing, walking away from all your years of being with someone, your memories, your home, your whole life. Having to start all over again, feeling anxious of what the future will hold now its just you and the little person who needs you to be strong while your heart is breaking. I want to be the person who reassures you, if you’ve walked away from a toxic relationship you’ve taken the first step to winning at life, for yourself and your child / children.

There is so much more I want to talk about and have to say so stay tuned! I’m excited to start posting about real issues that single mums are going through! Thank you if you got to the end and thanks to everyone so far for the support and words of encouragement xxx

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  1. Fantastic start to your blog Emma! It is already so engaging and very well written! As you know, I’m not a single mum, but I am still very intrigued by your blog and can’t wait to follow it! Keep doing you Ems!! Xxx

  2. This is amazing Emma . So very motivating and touching. Kimaarah is such a gorgeous little girl and ur doing a fantastic job. I loved reading your blog and seeing ur videos and pics on insta. Ur a real inspiration all round xxx

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