Hi everyone! So I know I haven’t posted any blogs for a little while, I’ve been seriously slacking and wanted to give myself a kick to write more! I have the perfect reason to write a new post & tell you all about a recent adventure we had, and no this isn’t an #ad 😂

On Friday 9th August we attended the biggest event of the summer (apart from Kimaarah’s pamper party of course), the ‘Under The Sea Ball’ which was organised by the wonderful Eleanor Softly, owner of The Princess Emporium. I found out about the ball through their Facebook page ‘The Princess Emporium’ this was actually announced well in advance and I brought the tickets at the beginning of April as it promised to be a sell out event! The ball actually sold out at the end of June so well ahead of the big day.

I could see lots of mums commenting on the post saying how excited they were for another princess ball, this made me even more excited to take Kimaarah so we could experience the magic for ourselves!

In the run up to the ball Eleanor put lots of updates on Facebook and also emailed all guests with seating plans and gave us the option to let her know if we would be attending with any friends so they would be seated together, a lovely touch as Kimaarah can sometimes be a little temperamental when she’s in a busy place and appreciates having someone she knows with her. Luckily after I brought my tickets my friend Charlotte decided to book for herself and her daughter Alice who is 6 and who is also princess mad!

The Under The Sea ball was held at the Park Inn by Radisson hotel in Southend, around an hour’s drive from us, luckily Charlotte drove otherwise it would have been 3 trains but after our experience I would happily take the train next time as it was simply amazing! When we arrived we joined a queue to meet Ariel the mermaid in her sparkly grotto, which was extravagantly decorated with a giant balloon feature and lots of beautiful shiny things! The girls got to speak to Ariel, give her a hug and then take a photo, these could be purchased after the ball at £5 for a digital copy or £10 for a print out, which I thought was very reasonable! They had a professional photographer for the event who captured some beautiful photos and I’ve shared these on my Instagram 💗

As we entered the ballroom the attention to detail was very noticeable and I could see that a lot of preparation and planning had gone into the event, clear balloon centrepieces gave a bubbly feel to tie into the ‘Under The Sea’ theme, there were sparkly shells and pearls for the name tags on the tables, lots of sequins and flowers, it all looked stunning. The tables had jugs of fruit squash to keep the mini princesses hydrated as it was quite warm inside the venue! And also a bar where you could purchase drinks. The girls danced to some Disney songs on the dance floor until everyone had arrived and then it was time to meet some real life princesses!

Each princess was announced one by one and came into the room accompanied by their theme song, every little girls eyes lit up to see their favourite ones, all of the children were so engaged and excited! We met Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Tinkerbell, Belle, Anna and Elsa, Moana, Jasmine and Rapunzel! The only princess I felt was missing was Tiana but it was amazing to see all of the others together, as you wouldn’t really get the opportunity to otherwise!

It was then time to announce that Ariel had magically gained her legs and was ready to meet everyone! All the girls screamed for Ariel, well I was already teary-eyed from watching Kimaarah’s reactions – to be fair I am a bit of a cry baby when it comes to Disney, it gets me everytime! But then she blew a kiss to Ariel and I could not hold back the tears! It was truly magical and was easy to believe that she was the real deal. All of the little princesses were star struck! Ariel then sang her famous song ‘Part Of Your World’ – all of the princesses who sang were such professionals and hit every note perfectly, as I’ve seen on The Princess Emporium’s page they only use trained singers, performers and actors to give that authentic experience! As what’s the point in seeing your favourite princess if they can’t sing? All of the princesses costumes are also made with the tiniest details in mind and no expense has been spared! The girls then got to learn how to dance like a real princess with different dance moves! ‘Princess attire is encouraged’ said one of the updates on Facebook so I grabbed my chance to dress Kimaarah in the head-turning number I had made earlier this year from Special Occasions Fleetwood, which she wore at Disneyland Paris for Princess for a Day. It was a show stopper and we had lots of lovely comments!

During the ball there was lots of dancing, games and time to have a little snack, the girls were provided with a box which had a jam sandwich, sausage roll, crisps and biscuits, this was more than enough for them as they didn’t want to sit down for long anyway! During the dancing time the princesses all mingled with the girls, dancing, talking and taking photos together, there was lots of time for meet & greets which was needed! I would say there was the perfect amount of children there as it never felt crowded, I’m sure they could have sold more tickets and made more money but then the event wouldn’t have been as much fun for the children! It showed the ball had been planned taking all of these things into consideration.

Another lovely touch was the chance for each little girl to have an individual photo taken with all of the princesses (and Prince Charming) and this was included in the cost of the ticket. Which I felt was an amazing memento from the day. They also got to have a glitter tattoo and again this was included in the cost of the ticket! So I felt it offered really good value for money. Tickets were £40 for 1 adult and 1 child and there was an option to add an additional adult for an extra £10 which was not bad at all. After seeing some more of the princesses sing it was sadly the end of the ball and time to go home, each girl got a bubble wand to take home as a present which they were super happy with! Overall this event offered excellent value for money and the girls enjoyed every moment. 

We ended our amazing day with a drive through McDonald’s (rude not to) and the promise to return to another of The Princess Emporium events, I was so impressed with what was involved and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Eleanor for organising this ball! Now to get planning Kimaarah’s next Birthday where I’m sure there maybe a special guest or 2, as The Princess Emporium offer princess appearances at parties all through Essex!

P.S … I’ve heard there may be another one of these spectacular events with a different theme between Christmas and New Year, join the Facebook page to be the first to find out!

*** Please note I paid full price for my ticket and was not asked for a review, all opinions are my own ***

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