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Hey my name is Paije Elizabeth, I’m 25 years old and I’m a mummy to a little girl who’s three named Amarah. I currently work as a makeup artist in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tell us about how you became a single parent … Finding out I was expecting was a shock to me and Amarahs daddy, I wasn’t prepared at all being only 21, but he insisted he’d be there for me and we’d get through it. Fast forward a few weeks/month he had a total change of heart said this wasn’t for him he basically wanted no part of and to get intouch with him once the baby was born. Left with nothing really to do as I couldn’t contact him, we lived in different cities I just had to fend for myself and my baby and go through pregnancy alone which was a very very daunting experience for me and to be honest has scared me for any future pregnancies.

Tell us about your co-parenting situation … Fast forward to now, mine and my child’s fathers relationship was staggered and very up in turmoil from when she was born up until I’d say the last 12 months.

I’ve learnt you can’t fully move on from a situation if you still have hate in your heart, I decided to let by gones be bygones and just try and be the best set of coparents we can do our daughter. Yes some days I want to literally shake him and ask him why he feels the need to be so inconsistent at times with her, I feel that’s what’s best for our daughter and what works although I’ll never forget what he put me through but I have forgiven him.

What’s the best thing about being a single parent? The best thing about being a single parent definitely is how deserving I feel of all the love I get from my little one. I can put her to sleep at night knowing we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and a full fridge and I praise myself knowing I’ve done this and will continue to do it on my own.

What has been your biggest achievement as a single parent? My biggest achievement from becoming a single parent is defiantly my daughter. Regardless of the situation between mine and her dad she was and always will be by biggest blessing nothing else truly matters but her.

She’s pushed me to be a better me, a better friend, she’s helped me overcome things that she probably doesn’t even know she has, so for that I’d say yeah she’s definitely my biggest achievement I didn’t think I’d get through this storm at first but look at where we are now babygirl.

What do you struggle with the most? Although being a single parent is really something I know no different of doing it does come with is struggles. I find most balancing my time between being a full time single parent and actually remembering I’m a person who has needs and me being happy means I’m a better mummy. I find I can’t rely on my daughters dad if I need a break or I’m having a bad day with her the emotional and stable support isn’t there so that gets me down. I also find that if she is naughty and I tell her off that I’m the bad parent and it’s all one sided in her eyes I’m the one who always tells her off and shouts.

Finally, what’s your advice for a newly single parent? My best piece of advice for a newly single parent is, believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, Take time for yourself, love yourself and most importantly forgive yourself. Welcome aboard this crazy little journey of motherhood, you’re not alone ❤️

Thank you to the beautiful Paije for sharing your story! For any of my followers in & around Newcastle you can book Paije for your make up & beauty needs by contacting her on Instagram @_bypaije or Facebook @makeupbypaijeelizabeth
Keep a look out for the next instalment of The Reality of a Single Mum series!

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