Introduce yourself!
My name is Lauryn I’m 26 and have two crazy daughters, right now I’m working from home running healthy lifestyle programmes for weight loss weight gain and general health, I am also about to Launch my blog called Dear Single Parents!

Tell us how you came to be a single parent!
Becoming a single parent is something I cant lie I was pretty prepared for, the moment i saw that positive pregnancy test I knew my eldest daughters dad was about beat Usain bolts record and do a runner mate! And I was right despite our pretty long and happy relationship he wasnt ready. Youd think I learned my lesson but 2 and a bit years later I met my youngest daughters dad fell head over heels and before we knew it we had a daughter far faster than we could keep up with and I guess somewhere between that, my post natal depression, lack of respect, hes complacency and arguments we fell out of love.

Tell us about your coparenting situation!
Co parenting on 1 hand is amazing right, my youngest daughters dad and I have a great co parenting relationship she goes consistently we may butt heads sometimes financially but listen that man is a bloody amazing dad! On the other hand I have my sweet sensitive and inquisitive eldest daughter who honestly the co parenting relationship is non existent which is hard as she sees her sister go weekly but can go 8+ weeks without hearing from her dad so that’s a hard one for me.

Whats the best thing about being a single mum?
Let’s get positive shall we! The best thing about being a single mum for me is that I call the shots! I set the standard of parenting and dont have to worry about compromising although I think I’m quite fair!

Whats been your biggest achievement since becoming a single mum?
My biggest achievement since being a solo mumma I would say is starting my own business and hitting 2 promotions within the first 6 weeks. I’ve grown so much in confidence and had the honour of speaking at lots of events and have helped countless amount of women gain better self and body confidence.

What do you find hardest about being a single mum?
My biggest struggle is probably support, theres a huge lack of support and not just physically I’m talking emotionally financially and mentally. I can go days without any adult interaction and weeks without being able to off load or get a take on what I’m going through in this parenting journey, that for me is hard and makes some evenings super lonely.

What’s your best advice to a newly single mum?
My best piece of Advice would be to up your levels of self care and self development by 1million, Its so easy to loose yourself to motherhood let alone single motherhood so just build those layers so you dont loose sight of yourself and can always fall back on your passion and hobbies! Find a community a sisterhood a tribe that can be your rock and your shoulder to cry on aswell as buddies to have a glass (*cough cough* bottle) of wine with!

Thank you Lauryn for your honesty and ‘reality’ of being a single mum! Anyone wanting to follow Lauryn’s journey can do so by following her on Instagram @lauryn.clarke_ 

Myself and Lauryn are also working on a new project together along with our friend @iamjasminemilan for YouTube so watch all the spaces for more details!

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