When I started to think about blogging more seriously I had a friend who told me about this ‘influencer’ website called The Tribe, you can sign up once you have a certain amount of followers – I think it starts from 3000 and there’s some big brands on there, from the ‘good old’ Pampers (more on this in a bit), to Olay, even Disney, basically anything and everything if you’ve got the followers they’ll pay. At first I thought wow that sounds good. And recently I got to know that some Mum bloggers are earning between £75-150 per ad (for 5000 followers) so I can only imagine what the bigger accounts are raking in. But I wonder how they feel about doing it and whether they feel like they’re selling themselves out just for a bit of cash? I know the money could come in handy, obviously being a single mum I know how that could help, but the whole ad thing doesn’t appeal to me unless it was a product I really wanted to shout about. On my Instagram you’ll see me recommend different stores off my own back and we’ve even been gifted a few things which I’m so grateful for, I’m not one to ask for freebies and find that totally cringey how some people will do that with no shame! I only endorse brands / boutiques that I regularly purchase from such as Little Ladies Boutique. Being a brand rep also usually comes with clauses like you need to purchase every month, to carry on receiving discounts. It’s not a case of getting free dresses and I still do payment plans! But I’m happy to order regularly from there and I don’t rep for loads of different stores as I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with buying lots of different items as much as I’d love to!

One of my followers on Instagram who will remain anonymous has even informed me that there are WhatsApp group chats known as ‘engagement groups’ where there could be around 500 people who all agree to like or comment on each other’s posts. Obviously likes means money and if you think about YouTube views equals money, so these girls are getting a good little earning for themselves My anon source has also informed me of one very successful blogger who recently filmed inside a well known store, sent it to their PR department and basically said if you pay me £1000 I’ll post this to all my followers! Does followers mean more respect? Because to me that’s far from respectable or having any morals at all!

I also wonder if some of the more successful bloggers have done their homework and are able to manage this as a taxable income as I know for example that any savings over £6000 can affect people on benefits and I follow a lot of girls who are single mums – don’t get caught out girls is all I’m saying! I’ve never earnt a penny from my Instagram, and never been gifted anything extravagant, of course as time goes on you never know what could happen!

Then there are the accounts who have brought followers and are now being paid good money to advertise to ‘bots’ or even worse some dodgy people that are following for a more sinister reason, are these women really happy with their decision to earn money from fake followers, I wonder if there’s an ethical dilemma that goes on in their minds or maybe some just crave the attention & likes and love the money? It’s really a crazy world we live in!

Recently I scroll through Instagram feeling like its Groundhog Day, every few posts the same old Pampers ad pops up, except there’s a slightly different photo and the wording has been changed up a little bit – of course still including the caption the brand has given them. And I can’t help but think ‘oh there’s another one who’s jumped on the bandwagon!’ And this post isn’t a dig at other Mum bloggers. But to me Instagram is turning into Ad-gram. And I feel like there needs to be more originality and more creativity in posts! Because when you’ve seen the same ad 4 times in the same day and even more in the days after that I start to wonder why am I using Instagram? It’s become so uninspiring and I don’t only speak for myself when I say that! Social media can be such a powerful tool especially for businesses and there’s no doubt it can make you more successful but I believe you have to think outside the box. And not follow the lead of everyone else because as Coco Chanel said ‘in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’. So for me, if I want my blog to take off why am I going to follow the crowd and become another Instagram account where every other post is #ad …

In the past few days I’ve spoken to other mums I follow and they’ve agreed with me so I know I’m not alone. And if you don’t agree with me then it’s absolutely fine because everyone thinks differently! But I can promise one thing here and now, I’ll never sell myself out just to advertise something I don’t really believe in.

It really cringes me when I see these Pampers ads because I remember I had some given to me when Kimaarah was a baby and they stunk of chemicals! And it’s  probably the same mums that preach on about ‘my child only eats home cooked meals’ or ‘my child isn’t allowed to watch too much TV’ bla bla … some of you most likely haven’t even researched the product you’re advertising! And that’s not me getting on my high horse at all because my child eats McDonald’s Happy Meals and watches YouTube with the best of them! But it really does make you think. Maybe this post will divide people even more but I know who supports me in this whole blogging journey. I never want to describe myself as an influencer because that’s not what I’m trying to do. I started blogging because I wanted to support other women through single mum life and show that it’s not all bad! And me advertising Pampers or whatever other ridiculous products (sips milk 🐸🥛) is not really adding much value to my page! *clicks unfollow*

I won’t be selling out, I’m staying true to what I believe in and my vision that I want to empower other mums and change the way people think about single parents!

So there we have it, if anyone has any thoughts about this topic then please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

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