Day 3 was Friday and this is the start of the weekend in Dubai as their weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. Fridays are big because it’s brunch day, all of the hotels put on a big brunch feast nothing really like London, it’s more flashy, a lot more selection of food, entertainment like live music and activities for children like face painting, some even have bouncy castles. You can have bottomless champagne or just soft drinks! In Dubai alcohol can only be served in a licensed bar or restaurant and you are not allowed to appear intoxicated in the streets and I think this is one of the reasons that taxi are so widely available at the front of the hotel so you can just get in and then straight back to your hotel / home with no fuss.

We had booked brunch for 12pm but we woke up late and by the time we had breakfast we didn’t really fancy it! So we cancelled. However I would definitely still like to experience a Dubai brunch so that is on the list for next time, who knows maybe I’ll get to go on my own one time or is that wishful thinking. The 3 brunches that are always recommended to me are the Al Qasr brunch, Bubbalicious brunch at the Westin and Saffron brunch at the Atlantis (this ones just for the adults however there are a couple of family brunches there too, at Bread Street Kitchen and Ronda Locatelli).

So after our breakfast at our usual spot Khaymat Al Bahar where we filled up on pancakes with Nutella and fruit, we decided to head to the beach again. The weather wasn’t looking too good and it started raining after a little while! Which is so rare in Dubai, we were told during our stay that February and March are the colder / rainy months in Dubai. We didn’t have any rain in December when we stayed before, so I wasn’t really expecting any. So a little tip from me would be maybe avoid Feb & March as we also got chatting to some other guests that day who had been there for 2 weeks and the weather hadn’t been great. I would say late March – April  would be good for next year, whenever Easter holidays will be or the May half term. And also October half term if you’re looking at going in the school holidays. You can get cheaper deals for August but I personally wouldn’t go at that time even though everything’s highly air conditioned but you can’t really sit out by the pool or beach for too long, especially with young kids! Maybe people with older children / teenagers wouldn’t mind but it wouldn’t be the time I’d choose to go.

As the weather wasn’t great we decided to go back to our villa and get dressed, and head out to the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. We had originally booked this for the Saturday but didn’t want to risk losing a day of sun as it was meant to be better weather! My friend that lives in Dubai called the salon for me to book Kimaarah in but you can walk in too, I guess when we went it wasn’t too busy as most people were at brunch! To get to the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa we had to take a taxi to the Town Centre located in Jumeirah 1, around 20-25 mins away from our hotel which cost us about £12, not bad at all considering that’s what I pay for a 10-15 minute cab journey in Essex. We had no clue where we were going but the front of house doorman came to the taxi with us and spoke to the driver, even put the address into his satnav so we knew we weren’t going to be taken to the middle of nowhere! Last time we visited Dubai in 2017 we visited the HKBS in the Dubai Mall which was beautiful but they have closed this one since! I did a Googlemaps search before we arrived so I could see where about this one was located and what the area looked like. It’s based on the top floor of the Town Centre mall which is only tiny compared to the Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates. When visiting here I would definitely recommend covering up a little more, especially because of the weather people were wearing jeans, I went in cycling shorts and a t shirt and felt a bit out of place! But I was not asked to cover up so all good!

When you arrive at the HKBS you’ll only see the reception desk, as all of the treatments take place through the back of the salon which is covered by a wall as they do things like blow dries, and have a separate room for massage and facials. It’s different from us turning up at the nail shop! It gives ladies privacy and it also makes it feel more exclusive, I actually did like this feature. The salon is beautifully decorated with pink and cream walls, leather seating area with Hello Kitty branded cushions, it’s not tacky at all and has a really girly and elegant feel, it’s the perfect place for any little girl (and mummy) who loves being pampered! Myself and my mum sat down while Kimaarah’s therapist put her spa gown on her – this is another really cute feature and makes the children feel special, we were given a drinks menu where they have a selection of hot drinks as well as pink lemonade, which comes in a wine glass with a Hello Kitty bow stirrer, so adorable! The drinks were priced around £2.50 each. The staff all fussed over us and couldn’t do enough, they are so friendly, as we arrived we explained we wanted to change our reservation, it was no problem at all. While Kimaarah was having her treatments – The Princess mani-pedi combo, the manager asked if me or my mum would like any treatments so I decided to have a pedicure as I hadn’t had my toes freshly done before our holiday, this was 90AED – £21 I think this is a really good price as it’s the same as I’d pay at the nail shop here. It was a full pedicure with foot scrub, dead skin removal, cutting, shaping and painting with an OPI nail polish. On the children they use a different brand of non toxic nail polish so you don’t need to worry! My pedicure was so relaxing, while my feet were in the water my therapist put a mini strawberry bath bomb in there which was a lovely touch as who doesn’t love a bath bomb to be fair?! Kimaarah was loving her treatments and being fed her drink as she couldn’t move much! As you’ll see from the photos on my Instagram she was being well and truly pampered like the diva she is! Her therapist was giving her a foot & leg massage which she said tickled her!

They also put Hello Kitty on the big TV screen so the children could watch, Kimaarah said this was her favourite! Everything was so lovely and relaxing. After our treatments we went out to the desk to pay, they have lots of little Hello Kitty perfumes and cosmetics on sale, also hair clips so you could have your own Hello Kitty bow just like the famous cat herself. We purchased a couple of nail polishes as they had buy one get one free promotion which worked out to £11 for both, Kimaarah also got a Hello Kitty iced biscuit which was around £4, they also have Hello Kitty cupcakes which were so cute! Before we left we got to take photos in their back room where they have lots of Hello Kitty cuddly toys and a massive light up frame, Kimaarah felt like a celebrity! We definitely recommend the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa for mummies and daughters (Queens and Princesses to the HKBS!) who love a pampering session and to do something a bit different whilst on holiday. I think it would be lovely in the summer too to get out of the heat for a while! If anyone would like to see the spa menu with prices please send me a message as the lovely ladies from HKBS have emailed this to me so I can forward on to anyone. Kimaarah’s treatments cost around £30 and all together we spent £70 which I thought was good for the amount we did and brought.

We then had to get a taxi back from the Town Centre mall which wasn’t the easiest as we couldn’t find the collection point first of all, but we flagged down a taxi who kindly took us over there. For anyone visiting, the taxi collection point is across the road to the mall in a big car park (but on the same side of the road if that makes any sense, apologies if it doesn’t I’ve never been too good at directions 😂🙈) but once we found them it was a quick journey back to our hotel where we relaxed for a little while and then our butler asked us what plans we had for dinner. And recommended we visit The Palmery which is a buffet restaurant located at the Jumeirah Al Naseem, the newest hotel at the Madinat Jumeirah, it opened in 2016 and has a whole different vibe it’s a lot more modern and has a bit of a ‘trendy’ feel to it. It’s also the most expensive of the 4 hotels to stay at, but the good news is you can still visit their restaurants and this ones included in the half board offer. The Palmery has a lovely clean and fresh feel to it, I guess where it’s so new, it’s got some interesting features such as a huge centrepiece hanging from the ceiling made from brass saucepans! The staff here were very welcoming and led us through to the family area near to the ‘kids corner’, they asked if we have visited this restaurant before and gave me and Kimaarah a tour of the different food options. Just as the other buffets we’d visited they had similar food options but they also had a kids corner which had pasta, pizza, chips, sweeties and a popcorn machine! Next to the food they had a play kitchen which I couldn’t drag Kimaarah away from! So perfect if you want to relax and eat while the children play. There was a lovely relaxed feel here and you didn’t feel rushed to leave, it was right opposite the Burj Al Arab with full views outside from floor to ceiling windows. When we left the staff invited us back for the next night as on Saturdays they have Indian night, so for anyone who likes spicy food this would be perfect and they still offer the same children’s dishes too.

After 3 nights we had visited all 3 of the buffet restaurants and I honestly can’t pick my favourite because they were all so different but all had amazing food and great service. The buffets were great for families and it felt like you were dining somewhere completely different each night so gave you a variety as a lot of hotels I’ve visited before just have the one buffet which can get a bit repetitive. I loved having the choice of different settings and also having the option of sitting outside too. I don’t know about anyone else but it really makes me feel like I’m on holiday!

After 3 nights we were nicely settled in and had got our bearings a little more as it was such a big place but there was always a golf buggy or Abra boat to take you where you needed to go! We loved the Abras because they ran right through the middle of the Madinat and you got amazing views of it all, it didn’t feel like being on a boat either! Anything’s possible in Dubai! By this point of the holiday I had already been looking online at prices to come back here. It’s such a unique resort with wonderful service and really has the WOW factor everywhere you go, there is always something new to discover!

I hope this was helpful and a good read! Stay tuned for Day Four!

Love, Emma

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