It’s New Year’s Eve, the time of year when everyone reflects on the past year so I thought today would be the perfect time to write my update of this years Christmas. For those who have read the Christmas Challenge 2019 post you will know what I did this year but for anyone who hasn’t yet read it I would recommend reading it now before you read this update!

I had a lot of messages and feedback saying what a good idea it was, obviously it’s not my original idea but something I tried out for the first time this year, as I was sick of spending £100s on toys that get forgotten about in the toybox and I’m running out of space in my flat!

I decided to simplify things this year – here’s what I brought for Kimaarah:

Something you want – LOL Surprise OMG Winter Disco doll £35 from Very

I have an account on Very so it’s handy for me, as I felt like the Winter Disco dolls just disappeared from the shops and being able to order from Very means that I could order and then pay back monthly. Originally they had said the stock was expected after Christmas but luckily it turned up about a week before so I was happy! The Winter Disco dolls were so cute this year as they also came with their matching sister LOL Doll, for only about £4/5 more than the usual OMG dolls so I thought this was a great present for Kimaarah. She’s not quite at the age where she’ll want every single doll in the collection so I could be a bit more choosy with which one I brought her without having to search high and low for a particular doll.

Something you need – Dance Uniform £42

In September Kimaarah joined a new dance school where they have a particular uniform, it’s not the cheapest and I was able to pay a deposit and then pay the rest when it was ready which helped me out a lot. On the original Christmas Challenge post I mentioned that I’d brought Kimaarah something educational which was the Leapfrog Globe but I felt like her dance uniform was needed more and I didn’t know if the globe would just be one of those toys that sits there without being used! I didn’t want to waste money, as it was around £50/60 so I decided to return it.


Something to wear – LOL lounge suit from Ocean Isabella Boutique / Instagram @ocean_isabella_boutique £32

I saw this outfit and thought it would be absolutely perfect for Kimaarah, it was a good price and it was a one off handmade item as no other boutiques had this outfit. I used Klarna to buy this so I could pay in a couple of weeks, I don’t know about everyone else but I think Klarna is such a game changer. Usually I will buy Kimaarah a brand new dress from Little Ladies Boutique for Christmas Day but this year I decided to order her more dresses for her Winter wardrobe and that she would choose what she wanted to wear on the day. This year we stayed at home for Christmas Day so I didn’t mind if she just wanted to wear something more casual but she ended up choosing a beautiful green velvet Sonata dress from Little Ladies Boutique which was originally ordered for her Christmas photoshoot, pictured below:

Something to read – Biff and Chip reading books collection, £15 from The Book People plus a wipe clean writing book £2.50 from The Works so £17.50 in total.
As Kimaarah started school in September she’s been learning about phonics and how to read so I thought this gift would be perfect as she has brought some of the Biff and Chip books home from school and enjoyed reading them. This was the cheapest present I brought and I honestly think books don’t have to be expensive, The Works is great I picked up some books from here last Christmas, they always have deals on and you can get books for £1!

This photo shows the total of Kimaarah’s main presents!

As well as Kimaarah’s presents I put together a Christmas Eve box for her, I didn’t keep track of exactly how much I spent on this but it had the following items:

Personalised frilly red pyjamas from @winterroesx on Instagram – £20

LOL Surprise Glitter Globe £10.99 Smyths Toys

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure DVD £2.99 Amazon

Frozen 2 Gel pens and Crayons from Poundland and The Works, think this was around £4 in total

Lush Magic Wand bubble bar – this was kindly gifted by one of my friends that used to work in the store, usual price would have been £6.50

Mog’s Christmas Book – I found this in the wardrobe from last Christmas! It was a book I forgot to give Kimaarah so that worked out well, that was on offer at The Works last year 3 books for £5.

I also brought some colouring / wipe clean writing books from The Works that came to about £6.

Chocolate Coins from M&S because I’m extra lol, I like to have nice food at Christmas! They were about £1.99 obviously you can get them cheaper elsewhere, they were on 3 for 2 in M&S so I brought some for myself too!

Rough total price for the Christmas Eve box was around £45-50 which is quite a lot but I put lots of things in this year, you could do it much cheaper by buying things off eBay like the Santa keys, nice list certificate etc and then some cheaper chocolates / sweets, cheaper pyjamas (in the past we have done Asda character pyjamas for about £8 which always go down well) and a little bath bomb depending what your child likes. Overall I think I got some good bargains for the box!
I also ordered Kimaarah a personalised LOL Doll Christmas card and matching bag from @pimmyscards on Instagram, I always get her a nice Christmas card because I like to keep them and I do think it’s lovely to have a special card, Kimaarah really loved these as they were made with so much love and detail! I paid £24.50 in total this also included a personalised gift voucher for Disney On Ice (the tickets were a gift from my Nan and I wanted to surprise Kimaarah on Christmas Day!) Obviously this is quite an extravagant thing to do and you could do cards cheaper on Funky Pigeon which I did do for the rest of our family but for Kimaarah I wanted something special and thought it was well worth it.

I also brought some stocking fillers and my mum added to the stocking as we do our stockings from Santa, and one present from Santa which was the LOL Surprise OMG Doll Lady Diva for £30 from Smyths Toys. All of the other presents were from Family.

Kimaarah was very lucky with gifts from family, she got the LOL Surprise Dolls Mansion from my Nan as well as money, she got the LOL 2 in 1 Glamper from her Dad which I asked him to buy for her! Then from family and friends she got lots more LOL Surprise goodies, dolls, arts and crafts presents, DVDs, and of course the Disney on Ice tickets so she definitely didn’t miss out at all.

The Christmas challenge was a massive success and I’m so glad I did it. Kimaarah had lots of lovely presents and was grateful for everything which I was so glad about.

I would definitely do this again, but next year I hope to save a small amount of money each week / month (I haven’t decided how much yet it will just be whatever I can afford!) As Kimaarah’s favourite present was the LOL Mansion which was £170 I definitely wouldn’t have this amount without saving up for a while so I have already started saving money for next year in case she asks for another big present!

Did anyone else take part in this Christmas challenge? I would love to hear how it went for you, comment below or send me a DM!

Happy New Year everyone ❤️❤️❤️ I hope 2020 will be good to you ❤️❤️❤️



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