I have wanted to visit Audley End Miniature Railway in FOREVER, ever since I saw some of my followers who went there for the Fairy walk which is definitely next on my list after today’s adventure! When I saw that they’d be having an Easter event where you could meet the REAL Easter Bunny (come on, we all know he’s real haha) I thought this will be the perfect thing to do, especially as it only runs for 2 weeks to coincide with the Easter holidays. My mum very kindly paid for our tickets even though I offered to, because at £14 each I thought they were priced very reasonably. We paid a bit more because we went on Good Friday, the tickets before this were £12 each. And after today I would say it’s definitely worth every penny.

When booking Audley End Miniature Railway there are 2 options, book an hourly slot or a specific train time. I guess it’s personal preference but I wanted a specific time so I could be organised with my plans for the rest of the day. We booked 2.20pm as this fitted in with our days plans, the earlier times also got booked quite quickly on this day, being Good Friday and all. But when we got there I thought it wouldn’t have been a bad thing being there a little earlier, because they have a big grassy area for picnics, a little play park, next to this there’s a walking area which was decorated for Easter which would have been perfect for some Instagram photos! As well as 2 massive bouncy castles and some of those fairground boat swings – these were only £2 for unlimited bouncy castle and swing which I thought was very good!

As soon as we arrived it was pretty much time to board our train so we joined a small queue, everything seemed very well organised and all of the staff were so happy and friendly! They made you feel really excited to go on a little adventure! I think I was even more excited than Kimaarah! The train doesn’t go too fast so it’s perfect for all ages but there are a few tunnels so children need to be either held or be able to sit still. Along the way we went through woodlands which was so lovely and peaceful, there was lots of cuddly animals in different places all set up throughout the trail, you could see how much imagination and effort had been put in. It reminded me a bit of Sylvanian Families (did anyone else play this as a child?) just a life sized version which was the cutest! I got to re-live my childhood a bit!

About 10 minutes into our train ride our trains engine decided to stop working and we were at a standstill but the show had to go on, while we were waiting along came some of the bunny characters who interacted so well with all the children, telling Kimaarah they loved her bunny ears, what’s her name, where did she get her pinecone from (from a pine tree of courseeeeee 😂) and then before we knew it our train had been rescued and we were on our way, the bunnies said they had to go home to sleep. When we arrived along the next part of the track we found the bunnies asleep and got to catch our first glimpse of the Easter Bunny (cue Pink Panther theme as it’s a very cheeky one! Who hides all the baskets of eggs!) followed by all of the other bunnies waking up to find their baskets! Lots of participation from the children here as they are asked to help the bunnies, shouting out ‘hip hop hoorayyyy’ was one of my favourite moments haha. And then the Easter bunny gives all the children a special egg, I thought they would get chocolate but it’s a ‘grow your own Easter chick’ which you have to mix with water – not sure how this works haha but will be fun to do with Kimaarah! It’s now time to say goodbye but not before you have seen the bunny hop which is an adorable and bouncy song and dance, I loved this!

After we got off the train we headed through the exit AKA the gift shop #standard, we didn’t buy anything as it was quite pricey but they had a few cute things like fairy toys. We then went to the food tent next door and got some ice creams, these were about £2 each which I thought was quite a normal price for this type of venue. There was a big selection of hot food to buy as well as snacks like cakes, crisps, etc. We then headed to the bouncy castles and swings for Kimaarah to play for a little while but before we knew it time had caught up with us and we needed to head home for some dinner. It would have been lovely to stay for longer as you could have easily brought a picnic and just lazed around soaking up the atmosphere, even though it was busy it didn’t feel too crowded and there was lots of space for everyone. So this is why we didn’t get to explore every area of the woodlands which was a bit of a shame but even more of a reason to go back!

Overall we had a brilliant experience at Audley End Miniature Railway, we all said it exceeded our expectations, Kimaarah loved seeing all of the different animals along the railway trail and of course meeting the Easter bunny! I would recommend it for anyone I just wish I had been able to review it sooner as I’m sure the Easter event finishes on Monday! But not to worry as from the 4th May the next event starts which is the Fairy and Elf walk, I have seen such cute photos from previous years so I’m definitely interested in visiting and then there’s the Christmas event with Santa which sells out so fast every year! This year I’ll make sure I have tickets as I know it’ll be absolutely amazing!

Thanks for reading, this was not a paid review and all opinions are my own!

You can find out more at https://www.audley-end-railway.co.uk and Instagram @audleyendminiaturerailway

Until next time! Emma x

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